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Do you like apps that let you switch faces with others? The FaceMagic app by DeepArt Limited is perfect. It’s like magic – you can change faces in videos or pictures instantly. Imagine turning into a celebrity, a child, or anyone you want! With Magic Face, your dreams can come true. Just take a selfie and transform into anyone you like. It’s easy and amazing. Enjoy also Tea TV Online Streaming Mod Apk.

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Introduction to Face Magic Mod APK

Transform faces with Face Magic Mod APK: Unlimited Uploads, Swap & Pro Subscription for ultimate photo editing. Elevate your creativity today. The face magic app is really like magic. We can change our faces in videos or pictures easily and can turn into a celebrity or a person elder or younger than our age. You just need to take a selfie and transform it into your dream face or anyone you adore.

The FaceMagic app by DeepArt Limited is really super fun. It brings deep fake AI technology to your fingertips. If you are tired of the same old selfies on Instagram then must try this Face Magic Apa and ditch the typical poses. This amazing face-swapping app will transform your experience. Taste also Moviebox Pro APK.

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Features of Face Magic Mod APK

Unlimited Uploads

We get this interesting sure power of unlimited uploads in the Face Magic Mod APK, the latest version. We can keep adding and swapping faces in many videos and pictures as we like. No need to hold back, go crazy, and make tons of exciting content and share it with your friends.

Face Swap

You can swap your face with anyone or anything you want. It’s like a digital mask you wear and take images. You can put a face on someone else’s body or use their face on yours. for example, if you like some celebrity and want her or his face on your, you can easily do that swapping. even you can become any cartoon character or swap your face with your favorite pet, so you have endless possibilities

Pro Subscription

We can upgrade our Fae Magic experience with this pto subscription in the modded APK. Unlock a whole treasure of premium features like access to exclusive face-swapping options, high editing, and updates.

General Features

Create Funny Face Videos and Images

We can create funny images by swapping faces and sharing these funny pictures with our family and friends for nonstop fun. We can also make hilarious short videos with this Facemagic APK.

Craft Morphing Memes with Face Editor

By doing this funny face-swapping we can create thousands of memes and share them on our social media accounts to get maximum likes and shares by adding humor to your creations.

Swap Multiple Deep Fake Characters

Combine the faces of different characters for comical outcomes in one go.

Hilarious Group Member Videos

Reface group members for side-splitting moments that everyone will remember. The graphics of this is similar to KK Pusoy HD graphics Mod Apk.

Your Face in Movie Scenes

Insert your face into your favorite movie scenes for a playful twist. Use face changers to become celebrities and characters, for amusing transformations.

Experiment with Live Changer and Gender Swaps

Play with live face-changing and gender swaps for diverse and amusing looks.

Access Trendy Content from Up-to-Date Sources

Find short videos, GIFs, and photos for captivating, trendy content. Also explore fresh features, elevating your deep fake experience to new heights.

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How To Play Face Magic Mod APK

First, you need to take your selfie in good light. Then you need to choose the video or images which you want to swap with your face. Use your selfie to swap faces like a digital mask. Try different swaps and share them on social media or with your friends and family members. We can also use features like change in looks, or try different genders and have fun.

 How to Download And Install Face Magic Mod APK

First of all, by landing on this page, you are very close to this apk. So check out this guide and download & install this app and enjoy your day.

  •  First, click the download button, and the apk file will be downloaded automatically into your mobile phone.
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  • A pop-up confirmation message will appear just click on the button “download anyway”. After that, a message will appear on the screen that your app has been downloaded successfully. So click on them, and this will lead you to the section where is the downloaded file.
click yes
  • Now click on this apk file, and here if it asks you to enable permission to install unknown resources, simply enable it.
click on download anyway
  • So now click on them and then click on the install button. Your app/game will be installed automatically.

Boom, your App/Game has been installed successfully, enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you face any issues.

My Reviews Related to Face Magic Mod APK

Face Magic Mod APK is like a magic wand for your face in videos and pics. Take a selfie and enjoy the fun. Swap faces with anyone you want. My friends and I have been having a blast making funny videos and memes. I put my face in movie scenes and feel like a celebrity. Even switching gender is also fun. I daily create memes and share them with my friends and family members and also on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Even the kids of my family love it and play with this Facemagic APK for hours. They create funny faces and many other interesting images even you can swap any cartoon character with it which is kids’ favorite.


Yes, the FaceMagic app is designed for editing and is available for free. Additionally, with FaceMagic Pro, you can enjoy advanced features like swapping faces using AI technology.

Absolutely, your privacy is important to us. We respect and protect your personal information. We only collect, handle, and use your data with your consent to provide our services.

FaceMagic Pro APK is considered safe. Your information is secure while using the app.

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