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Nowadays most conversations on social media platforms include emojis and a variety of stickers. Social media users aspire to use unique but suitable stickers according to the given situation. These exceptional stickers are appraised by community members. If you want to use such different stickers by tailoring them to your choice then you must install Sticker Ly APK on your Android device. What’s more about this application, let’s discuss some primary features.

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Create stickers with the Sticker Ly Mod APK. Use them in conversations after designing with all premium features unlocked and no watermark.  Sticker Ly is a kind of sticker store in which we can find stickers for every situation. In addition to this, we can create our stickers by customizing any photo, including our picture.

Developed by Snow Inc, this application also has creations from artists worldwide. These artists add their creations to this APK in response to the latest global events. In Sticker Ly Mod APK, we can enjoy unlimited stickers without paying any subscriptions and watching annoying ads.

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Features of Sticker Ly Mod APK

Many Sticker Tools

In the Sticker Ly Mod APK, you can get many tools for free to create stickers. In the standard version, there are special tools that you can use after paying a subscription. The modified version provides you with all these tools without any need for payment.

All Premium Features Unlocked

In the Sticker Ly Mod APK, all premium features are unlocked. So we can design very unique stickers that require in-app purchase in the standard version.

Unlimited Stickers

The modded APK of Sticker Ly provides us with unlimited stickers that we can use in our conversations to surprise our community members.

Auto-Cut Feature

With the auto-cut feature, we can customize any picture and transform it into a sticker. First, we remove any part of the picture with an auto-cut tool and then add a new texture. Afterward, we can change it into a sticker.

No Watermark

No watermark is an important feature in the modded APK which ensures that we can use stickers without any official mark. We can use them freely in any context without any concern about plagiarism or copyright.

No Ads

In the standard version, we have to watch annoying ads and pop-ups before we download our required sticker. Although we can skip these ads after a few seconds, they remain very disturbing and time-consuming. However, in the Sticker Ly Mod APK, with the remove ads feature, there are no ads to cause any kind of disturbance.

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General Features

Funny Stickers of Your Pictures: In the new version of this Android APK, you can create your face sticker. Take a picture of your face and then adjust it to your desired sticker. The application is smart enough to fit your picture into the sticker frame perfectly.

Customize Popular Stickers: Here’s another feature of this application in which you can customize any popular sticker differently. There are many options for font and gradient colors in this APK with which you can express yourself in a unique way than others.

Many Categories: In the updated APK, there are many categories available for designing particular types of stickers. For example, if you want to create a sticker showing aggressive expressions, you can choose the sticker from the Clash of Clans games category. Similarly, you can choose categories such as plants, animals, favorite cartoon characters, and many more.

Add Captions: In the pro version of Sticker Ly Mod APK, you can add a caption after creating a sticker. This additional feature helps you convey your message more clearly. Moreover, you can write the message on the sticker instead of typing it separately in your conversations.

User-Friendly: This application is very user-friendly and anyone can design the sticker with ease.

Follow Other Artists: In the latest version of Sticker Ly  APK, you can explore the artistic creations of other users and use new ideas for designing your stickers.

Continuous Updates: The Sticker Ly APK or sticker maker has many collections of well-known creators. These creators constantly update their collections according to global events. By engaging with their featured posts, you can update yourself with the latest trends.

Integrated Sticker System: Sticker Ly is a sticker Application that has integrated with various global social media platforms. You can find any sticker that aligns with the specific cultural context of different regions. With this, you can make new friendships very conveniently.

How to Use Sticker Ly Mod APK

Sticker Ly APK is very easy to use, as simple as using Canva for creating images. After you’ve downloaded it onto your Android device, just go into the “create a sticker pack” option. There, you can find a lot of categories to create stickers. It includes plants, animals, various cartoon characters and games, pictures, foods, and emotions. After selecting your desired category, you choose a sticker from there. There are options like font, color, and style with which you can further design the sticker.

In Sticker Ly APK, there is an option to create stickers from your facial expressions. Simply take a picture of your face and then go to the customize option where you can turn it into a funny sticker. Additionally, you can select any picture from your computer or from anywhere else and transform it into a funny sticker just the way you want. After creating a sticker, you can share it with your friends via WhatsApp. The Sticker Ly APk works well on both Android and IOS devices.

My Opinion of Sticker Ly Mod APK

For me, Sticker Maker is an amazing app. I was very pleased to finally get those funny stickers that I had been wanting for a long time. The app is quite easy to install and use. I have two issues with the standard version; first; every time, I download a sticker, I have to watch ads first. This problem is perfectly solved in the modded APk with its no ads feature. The second issue is the lagging problem in downloading animated stickers without any background. Once again, this is resolved in the modified version.

The Sticker Ly is a favored application for social media users. WhatsApp users, particularly, use this application to get unique stickers to make their conversation look good. With mod features like no watermark and no ads, it’s truly fun to create your facial stickers and customize them according to different situations.


Yes, you can share sticker packs with your friends in Sticker Ly Hack APK.

Yes, it’s fun to turn your face into funny stickers in this Android app.

Its size is 45 MB.

You can get a safe and free download of the Sticker Ly APk from our website.

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